Holly v H

Holly is originally from Montreal, Canada. Apart from being educated in the field of Interior Design, she also proudly holds degrees in Psychology and in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Her cultural experiences and educational background combined with her desire to help others make the most of their spaces are the driving creative forces behind her work. Although Holly has a personal penchant towards modern, contemporary design with Nordic or Asian influences, she loves variety in her work and is therefore inspired by projects in any kind of interior style. Besides her work, Holly enjoys blogging, painting, yoga, drinking lattes and spending time with her loved ones, including Jack, her beloved cat.

What drives you to design?

Apparently, the average person spends 20 hours per day indoors. That's a lot. The spaces we live, work and play in have a real impact on our mood and well-being, whether we consciously notice that or not - the effect is real. That's what drives me to design. If I can help people love their spaces then I really feel I've accomplished something meaningful.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Like most people seeking inspiration, one has to be aware that it can come from anywhere at anytime. A recent trip, a piece of music, a shape or colour, a book or magazine, a flavour or even someone's smile - these are all things that can spark and fuel inspiration. So the hard part is trying to stay as open to experience as possible so I don't miss something. But a lot of the time, emotions or feelings are what inspire me most. Oh yeah, and Pinterest.com ;)

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret is to remember that "there are no rules, just guidelines" - especially when it comes to home designing. The most important thing above anything else, is that the people who will be living in the space love it - that they feel it reflects them, gives them a sense of belonging and comfort. Also, proper lighting and minimal clutter are two things that will enhance (if not crucial to) any good design scheme.
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