Helena B.

Helena has BA in Architecture with focus in Interior Design. She has more that 15 years of experience working in residential and commercial projects in Florida as well as overseas. Her main focus is the client and their needs. Her goal is to fulfill the client's desires, always respecting their tastes ,style, and color preferences. She is very experienced with interiors such as kitchens, bathrooms, and she has a contemporary style.

Describe your ideal project:

Every project I start I think of it as a perfect project for me. To reach perfection and beauty is my goal from the start.

What drives you to design?

Everything I do in design is related to beauty. Once I organize the ideas to start a new project I look forward to reach the best functionality and beauty and the result is only a consequence of the right steps taken to reach the best of a project.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Each project has a particular start and my inspiration is never the same. I could look at a flower and start the project from there, or I can just look at a busy city and get colors, senses and shapes from there.
Grossery Store
Fitness Center
Eclectic dining room