Hanieh A.

Hanieh has studied architecture and interior design (M.A.) and has worked as a residential and commercial interior architect on various projects. She believes each design project should be unique to its concept and location. Hanieh is committed to sustainability and guiding every design with characteristics of beauty, simplicity, creativity, harmony and integrity.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

"God is in the details" I really admire this quote and have been applying it to all aspects of my design. I believe details will make each project unique and different.

What drives you to design?

I think it all boils down to passion. I enjoy helping people create a space they’d love to spend time in. I love to create a space they always dreamed of and make their wish come true. It is very rewarding to watch a non-functional and without character space gradually transform into a vibrant and inspiring place as you call it "home".
Powder Room Design & remodeling
Master Bathroom Design
Playa Vista
Proctor's Residence
H residence
Lee's Residence
Lee's residence
Lee's residence
Lee's residence
O.N residence
O.N residence
O.N residence
Tran residence