Emily W.

Emily discovered her love of design when she, as an adult, moved into her very own first house. Since that time 14 years ago interior design has increasingly become a larger part of her life. Since starting a design blog two years ago and opening her interior design business last year Emily has had the opportunity to work on many residential projects big and small, in a variety of design styles. She takes a simple, collaborative approach to working with clients, and finds great joy in making the best use of their budget to create a design that is completely personal in style and function.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love the challenge of working within smaller budgets to create beautiful and personal spaces. I really that if you follow principles of design you can have a home you love no matter your budget, so I get such a thrill from finding that special piece I know will transform my client’s home, and they can afford it too!

Describe your ideal project:

One of my goals as an interior designer is to create a home for my clients that not only reflects the personality of their family, but also functions well. To pull this off successfully it takes collaboration throughout the project with my clients. My idea project is one where my clients are invested in the design process, are open to creatively collaborating with me to find the perfect solution, want to hear new ideas, and are excited to implement the design plan.

Describe your favorite project:

I recently had the pleasure of helping a young family turn their empty front room into a space where they can spend time together during the day and entertain in the evening. My clients were particular about their design preferences, focused on respecting the age of their historic home, and were as excited about the process of design as I was. I loved collaborating with them, brainstorming solutions, and watching them fall in love with each individual piece we selected. Visiting them in their completed room was such a pleasure.