Elyse C.

It was at an early age that Elyse recognized her passion for Interior Design. “I remember this overwhelming feeling when surrounded by a beautiful space that just lit me up.” Elyse’s late grandmother, also an Interior Designer, only fueled this passion. She would accompany her grandmother at her firm in Scottsdale, AZ, and it was here where Elyse learned the significance of a timeless design. In addition to her grandmother’s influence, Elyse took great interest in her father’s work as a General Contractor. With his profession she was constantly surrounding herself with the striking, newly built homes her father worked on. She learned the ins and outs of the construction and development it would take to create the canvas for her future work. Growing up with two major design inspirations in her life, Elyse was confident that she was destined for a remarkable profession in Interior Design. After attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles, she received her Associate of the Arts Degree in Interior Design, with Cum Laude Honors. While studying at FIDM, Elyse just couldn't wait to immerse herself in the industry. She quickly landed an internship with Christine Santana of Santana Interiors in Pasadena, CA, and under Santana’s mentorship she learned all things design. While Elyse started as an unpaid intern, she worked her way into the Senior Designer position in no time. In her time as Senior Designer, she harvested a striking roster of Residential projects that exercised her confident use of color, kinship for any style period, and overall ageless feel for every project. Recognized for constructing comfortable, distinctive spaces by merging styles in a unified manner, Elyse prides herself on making the client’s dreams come to life. Her signature and remarkable high-end design palettes generate unexpected, yet alluring luxurious combinations. Also known for her refreshing and lively spirit, Elyse’s out of the box thinking creates a stunning one-of-a-kind style for each individual home, giving her designs the ability to altogether take on a life of their own.

Describe your go-to style:

Do you ever walk into a space and get a comfortable and relaxed feeling? That feeling is my go to style. It is anything that makes me feel calm and utterly enjoy being in a space. That can range from a very traditional elegant room to a clean and simple transitional space. Personally, I tend to sway towards a mix of traditional, transitional, rustic and glam styles.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret would have to be adding metallics to any room. By adding a mix of metallics, weather it is gold, silver, bright brass or an old rusted bronze, it instantly modernizes a space without being too overpowering. The feelings that metallics give off can transform any area into a eye catching, beautiful room.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Historical architecture and interior design is a constant inspiration in my life. Beautiful old homes are the most timeless inspirations one can get. As much as we don't always like it, history will always repeat itself in the design world. Trends will always come a full 360. I love being able to take inspiration from a old home and making it new and fresh for todays styles.
Online design Transitional Kitchen by Elyse C. thumbnail
Chic Kitchen
Online design Traditional Bathroom by Elyse C. thumbnail
Glamorous Master Bath
Online design Traditional Dining Room by Elyse C. thumbnail
Classic Dining Room
Online design Transitional Living Room by Elyse C. thumbnail
Transitional Living Room
Online design Country/Cottage Dining Room by Elyse C. thumbnail
Rustic Dining Room Rendering
Online design Transitional Bedroom by Elyse C. thumbnail
Cozy Master Bedroom Rendering
Online design Transitional Living Room by Elyse C. thumbnail
Graceful Living Room Rendering