Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth graduated in 2009 from Philadelphia University with a BS in Interior Design, she then went on to complete her Masters in Business Administration in 2010 also from Philadelphia University. She has studied in Rome and India during her collegiate career. She has practiced Interior Design in both New York and Philadelphia and also runs her own Graphic Design/Print line on the side. She has worked at a multitude of large and small companies and always believes in having a good relationship with the client and listens to their needs and visions for their spaces. Elizabeth has worked on mainly residential projects ranging from custom luxury homes, interior renovations, and kitchen and bath projects. She has also dabbled in some commercial work such as design showrooms, restaurants and gyms. Elizabeth is well travelled, gaining inspiration from all over the world.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Most times, I draw my inspiration from nature. As cliché as it sounds. I am in awe of the earth’s beauty, I am always in search something whether it be checking out a new hiking trail or mountain, visiting a new beach or body of water. I believe architecture is an extension of nature, and man has created it to be our homes and places of leisure. I also draw inspiration from other great designers such as Frank Gehry, Tado Ando and Frank Lloyd Wright. Timeless architecture will forever be etched into our world and history. I am in awe of spaces created well before our time, using less technology than we have today.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

The thing I love about design the most is the language in which we are able to speak through it. Using just our ideas and visions, spaces come to life and “speak” to certain people. I love creating spaces that people will use every day, there’s something about creating a space for people that will give back for years to come. To non-designers, a space is just something you use- but people don’t realize how much architecture and design truly runs our world; and the fact that it’s not just brick and mortar that goes into many spaces, but a vision, a concept, an idea, an execution bound by construction, codes and labor that is all behind the scenes.

Describe your favorite project:

Although I have been practicing Interior Design for 4 years in the post- collegiate atmosphere, my favorite project still has to be my thesis project. Senior year at Philadelphia University, I created a school for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired. Drawing inspiration from my own severe hearing impairment, I poured my heart and soul into a space where children could learn, parents could gain support and children with all types of disabilities could play. I took my own struggles throughout my childhood and not only fixed them but bought them to life through my design. This project is something I will always hold close to my heart.