Eileen B

It is no secret that Eileen has a love affair with all forms of art. She knew early on that interior design, in particular, would grow to be her biggest passion. Eileen has been fortune enough to have travel the world and be exposed to various cultures. She earned a Master's degree in Lighting Design and Restoration of Monuments and currently works on projects in New York City. She's also the creator and blogger of Her Eclectic Interior, an inspirational blog about her eclectic life.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I think all my designs are a reflection of my daily life. I'm always on a constant search and I try to exercise and educate my eye through blogs and travels. Electronic music and street fashion are very essential to me i couldn't live without any of them!

Tell us your biggest design secret:

I do not like to focus on one style, I think you can benefit greatly when mixed. So, my biggest secret is to use unique pieces to give the space its own identity. I love to use objects that create a sense of humo. Thats why my designs are unique.

Describe your ideal project:

I don't think there is an ideal project, only ideal results. If I have managed to bring a smile to the client then I know my work is accomplished.
Living Room proposal for a young family
Living Room proposal for a young family
La Boheme room
La boheme flat proposal
Girls room