Chaitali S.

Chaitali has nearly ten years of professional experience during which she has performed numerous roles ranging from as a designer for architects, principal designer and a visiting faculty. She had conducted workshops on Basic Design and Theory of Design at various design institutes and also written articles on interior design. As a student she has completed a five years Diploma in Interior Designing, score number of prizes and honored for her designs. Her specialization lies in designing both residential and commercial projects and delivering a unique blend of comfort and style. She enjoys engaging with a wide spectrum of design from designing spaces, furniture, products, soft furnishings, color co-ordination and styling. She design mostly contemporary, eclectic, modern interiors or a fusion depending on the clients’ taste

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love how designing transforms space into living, breathing concept for life. Working closely with clients to build and execute projects that reflects their vision/dream, value adding & providing them with most appropriate solution and earn their ‘wow’; that is satisfactory for making a remarkable difference in living is my key interest.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

To be able to adapt and remain relevant with the changing times, technology and globalization and yet to remain faithful and sensitive to beauty and nature remains the core of my design philosophy. I like to think beyond the existing parameters. I strongly believe that functionally must be balanced with aesthetic, to achieve the right mix! Efficient use of space with innovative, fascinating and refreshing ideas helps me winning clients goals. The initial brief of the client is woven into my conceptual design and eventually as design gets evolved, and then other preferences of elements, materials are articulated into it.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Nature; where the colors, the textures and the forms everything is balanced and in proportion. Inspiration also comes from varying parameters of human need, environmental influence, value creation, science-technology and art. The uniqueness of art and different culture/heritage also enriched my perspective. My thought processes and inspirations have always extended beyond the realms of interior architecture to all other forms of art and artists.