Bunny W.

Bunny is a multi-disciplinary designer whose studies include an education in the liberal arts, graphic design, and Architectural drafting, as well as certifications in color consulting and professional organizing. As a creative Renaissance woman her background also includes working as a showroom decorator for two large furniture companies, costume and prop design, and event planning. Her style has been described as showcasing "a love of color, pattern, and texture...whimsy balanced with classic bones...the novel laid over old world quality", and her own favorite spaces tend to be playful, unexpected, cozy, and smart. In addition to design she is passionate about dancing, singing, blogging, holistic health, and discovering new technologies that make it easier to live life abundantly (like e-design through Decorilla!).

Describe your ideal project:

My ideal project would be designing an affordable urban intentional community that advances what's possible in sustainable housing design. I would work with a team of talented professionals across numerous disciplines, as well as include future residents in an innovative brainstorming and development process. The project would holistically fuse together natural building techniques, modern building technologies, interior design, permaculture, sacred geometry, communal spaces, and even architectural color/sound therapies.

What drives you to design?

My drive to design comes from my fascination with the extents to which well-designed spaces can support us in our lives. I get tremendously excited thinking of all the ways we can evolve interior design, architecture, landscape design, and urban design to be more holistic and harmonic, without sacrificing one ounce of style or shunning technological advances. This constantly evolving story is one I am deeply driven to be a part of.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I'm online a lot working, researching, and following my curiosities, so I always have a steady stream of inspiration from where all of that leads. Usually it's Pinterest or one of the sites I follow using Feedly that introduces me to some creative project, travel destination, natural phenomenon, or technology that gets my creative energy jumping. Also, I live in the wonderfully artistic and fast growing Austin, TX, so I'm constantly inspired by the landscape, the people, random art, architecture, and restaurant/bar designs.