Brittany K.

Early on in life, Brittany found herself drawn to the way people live; their homes, their choice in décor, and the keepsakes they displayed. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design with a Minor in Fine Art Photography from Bowling Green State University, and has been helping clients turn the big ideas in their heads into reality ever since. Brittany currently lives in Manhattan, Kansas with her husband, Jared, who works as an Officer in the US Army. She is grateful for the opportunity to do what she loves every day and is inspired by creating energized designs for passionate people. Brittany's work reflects her love for creating beautifully thoughtful and livable spaces. No matter what the style she is asked to create, each space designed by Brittany feels cozy, collected, and unique. She is also very talented when it comes to photographing and capturing the spaces she creates. Although her passion is in Kitchen and Bath Design, her formal education and experience makes it easy to design any part of the home.

What drives you to design?

Everyone deserves a functional, welcoming and beautiful space to call their own. I fully believe this and even the slightest changes can make a huge impact in the way you live in your space. One of the designers I look up to the most said it best.. “Interior design is for everyone. It shouldn't be considered solely as a luxury service. It's for every person interested in improving their lives by surrounding themselves with what brings them joy." - John Willey

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I like to draw my inspiration from the clients I work with. Every space should reflect the person that lives in it, and so I use the person as my inspiration. I also love to use nature as inspiration for a lot of aspects of my design. It may be about the lines in nature or the patterns, but it will always reflect the personality of the client.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love learning about the people that actually live in the space. It's so awesome how each family or individual lives differently with different needs. I think the best part about designing a space is getting to know the people that live in it, because I don't believe anyone can adequately design a space without knowing the needs and wants of the person living in it. This way you get the see their personality bloom in the design itself.
Contemporary Farmhouse
Transitional Wine Lover
Classic White and Dining
Contrast Beams
Whites and Grays
Traditional Cream
Modern Farmhouse