Amaraida S.

Amaraida is an energetic designer who is eagerly looking forward to helping homeowners, beautify their homes with top quality home furnishings, products and exceptional interior designer services. After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts from International Academy of Design and Technology of Tampa Florida in 2008, Amaraida become interior freelancer. Amaraida believes that a good designer also should keep in mind that, “lifestyle decorating” is key. Thankful for having the opportunity of working with Decorilla, looking forward to working with each client giving the best of the best in every design. When not busy designing or beautifying a space, Amaraida enjoys reading self-development books, attending educational seminars and surrounding herself with her 3 very beautiful children whom, “without them, I would have never gotten where I am today.”

Tell us your biggest design secret:

The biggest secret about designing a space is taking advantage of the square footage you have, let the space speak to you , let it inspire you, it will let you know what it wants. Always remembering the four most important elements , 1. sound , 2. lighting 3. Color 4. exposure.

Describe your ideal project:

My ideal project is when I can transform something from ordinary into extraordinary. Office spaces, spas, or even that one room in a home that your just not quite sure what to do with are some of the challenges I love to tackle and conquer.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration is drawn from my surroundings, I love learning about different culture histories and architectural work. I also read many books, like to capture moments with pictures of different sites and seeing how everything in nature comes into harmony.
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master bed room
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Fun dining room
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room fit for a queen
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the purple room