aly a.

Aly A. is an interior designer with a B.A. in Interior Design with a focus on lighting and furniture design. She is also a self-taught graphic designer/artist. The simple, obvious, and stylish design is her specialty. She is also a self-described "#1 obsessive problem solver".

Describe your go-to style:

Bold, playful, stylish, yet sophisticated. Clean lines. Geometric shapes. Memphis silhouettes. Old meets new. I love big windows, graffiti, neon signs, greenery, velvet fabrics, ambient lighting, big soft seating, distressed concrete, contrasting styles, the color pink - I could go on forever.

What drives you to design?

My room was always the best furnished, best lit room in the house. Everyone was drawn to my room. It became more of a living room than a bedroom. And although i enjoyed their company, privacy was hard to come by. Slowly, I started to realize why. People felt good in my room. Interiors really do influence how we feel, how we behave. We cannot expect peace of mind in a chaotic context. Well designed interiors are the gifts that keeps on giving, and this is what drives me to design.

Describe your ideal project:

A retro-meets-modern hair salon. I know all too well that feeling of 'ugliness' that comes over you while you stare into the salon mirror (mostly due to bad lighting and nonstrategic wall finishes). And if I could create one less salon of this type in the world, I could die happy.
Juice Bar
Cardio Area
Beauty Market
Beauty Market
Kids Bedroom
Kids playground
Master Bedroom
Beauty Market