Allison H.

Allison Harlow Clark is a professionally trained Interior Designer with experience in High End Residential and Commercial Interior Design, as well as custom furniture design. With over 6 years industry experience Allison has come to look at design as more than simply a choice of aesthetics but also a way to improve efficiency and enhance function. An American both living in Michigan and abroad, Allison prides herself on bringing global inspiration to each project to create unique and beautiful spaces for her clients.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I think the best part of design is connecting with the client and understanding what their needs are for a space in the most comprehensive way. Often times a client has a hard time articulating what it is they actually need their space to do for them. Diving in, building a relationship and asking the right questions allows me to solve design dilemmas and create the best possible space for them.

Describe your ideal project:

My ideal project isn't necessarily one with an endless budget or massive square footage. It is one where the client is open to the experience of ‘Interior Design’ and what it can provide for them beyond beautiful pillows and perfect paint colors. In my opinion a project where the client has an open mind, a willingness to try new styles or colors, and is committed to cultivating the client-designer relationship provides the best results for everyone!

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I find most of my inspiration from travel. Getting out and seeing new places will expose you to a variety of architecture, food, fashion and culture. I love just taking a moment in a quiet park or a busy city square and allowing myself to take it all in by focusing on the smallest details. You can find inspiration for color, texture, pattern and shape in some of the most unsuspecting places!