Elsabieth E.

Elsabieth Eskias started designing spaces the day she was old enough to play with her dollhouse moving furniture around from room to room. She has a passion for all elements of design with an enthusiasm for mixing styles, colors, and textures. Elsabieth learned to appreciate good design, and her family encouraged her to develop her own personal style. Whether it was furniture, art, the written word or a beautifully appointed dinner table, Elsabieth learned the value of “all things excellent.” Elsabieth further developed and expanded the depth and breadth of her natural artistry, at The Art Institute of California, graduating with B.A. degree in Interior Design. She applied, finely honed, and developed deep roots in the interior design field through her work on projects. She has developed a solid reputation with clients, contractors and vendors alike, who continue to spread the word about her design work. Clients find her down to earth, friendly and easy to work with, never taking herself so seriously that she can’t laugh and joke around. She attributes her success to her honest and forthright personality, passion for creativity, no-nonsense leadership and organizational skills. She is appreciated by her clients for her naturally approachable, easy going nature, her inspirational ideas and design solutions. Elsabieth always collaborates with her client so that their personality and style are blended into the home or business. She delivers eye-catching designs filled with individual style where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Her background and experience have proven invaluable with all aspects of design projects. She delivers in a polished, professional and skillful manner with a focus on exceptional service and client satisfaction. Each project speaks to her client’s own interests, travels and lifestyle. Her aesthetic is classic with a twist, timeless with a hint of edge. She prides herself on her attention to detail, obsession with quality and love for local craftspeople. Elsabieth is best known for creating polished spaces that are functional, friendly and beautiful.

What drives you to design?

I truly believe that successful design is not about just making something beautiful – it’s about helping people build an experience they and their families love, and never want to leave. It is providing them with a better quality of life. I see design as a work of imagination, intelligence and inspiration. I feel that interior design holds and provides the sense of freedom in terms of the way an individual can interpret concepts. I always find myself designing, whether it's on paper or visualizing it as a form of expression and release of emotions. Through my travels to many countries, I have been exposed to diverse and unique styles that have stirred me to implement my desire to design and proceed in creating different styles and approaches. I have come to appreciate the Interior Design process as an intimate journey taken by both the designer and the client.

Describe your go-to style:

I like to combine imaginations and creativity to develop luxurious design, evolving style and advanced technology that propel challenge. My design aesthetic is inclined towards contemporary and modern styles that provide uncluttered space with smooth, clean lines with artistic flair. I love the uniqueness of art and furnishing in Eclectic style. Nonetheless, I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to expand my horizons to other aspect of design aesthetics as well.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I like to observe!!! Nature is one of my favorite inspirations. Expressing a client’s aesthetic vision is also important: it can be challenging to discover the inner tastes that comprise a client’s personality, but once found, they reveal the inner soul that can be incorporated into the design. It’s inspirational! Moreover, I love to surf the web and get up-to-dated with the rapid growing technology. Books, magazines are also other places where I draw a sense of creativity and motivation.
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