Many of you are using our robust and beautiful Decorilla Collection, adding more items to your designs. That said, we realize there are still questions about how to use the Decorilla Collection effectively on your client shopping lists.
Below are a couple of tips that we hope are useful.
Attached are images of the platform to help guide you through.
1. To use items already in the collection, click on the green button in your shopping list.
2. Once you find your item (you can use the search, categories, or vendors filter to help) adjust the quantity and click blue button to add to your shopping list.
3. The Vendors list pulls up the specific vendors associated with our DC; at the moment there are 27.
4. Wanting to add an item to the collection? Click on hyperlink “Instructions & More Details”.
5. Add items not in collection (but from the list of DC vendors) by clicking

6. Please upload item details for admin to approve and include in the collection.

Great news! We’ve added a new feature to the shopping list that shows you the percentage of the amount on the shopping list that is from the Decorilla Collection. This will make it much easier to keep track of meeting the15% of client budget on the shopping list.
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for us.
Thank you!