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Decorilla Interior Designer Spotlight: Sharon Copeland

Decorilla interior designer

Texas-based interior designer, Sharon Copeland, is no stranger to design. Having experience as both a graphic designer and a floral designer, she gravitates towards creating an appealing aesthetic. Through Decorilla‘s advanced tech savvy platform, Sharon has enriched her portfolio by working with clients across the country. This month’s designer spotlight interview features this talented interior designer’s… Read more »

Decorilla Designer Spotlight: Cristina Ramirez

Many of us have arrived at our life’s passion via varied and winding paths. Cristina Ramirez, a Los Angeles based Decorilla designer, discovered her career in interior design evolving from her work in company branding and social media content creation. Here, this young, fresh design talent shares more about what compelled her to design, her current favorite… Read more »

Greek Design Love: The Influence of Art & Architecture

Ah Greece! With it’s crystal clear waters, striking natural backdrops, and heart-warming culture, it continues to draw those with a romantic and adventurous spirit. For centuries, Greek architecture and art has influenced design.  From the iconic columns that adorned ancient Greek temples to popular decorative motifs like the meander, the Greek style is one that… Read more »