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California Style Interior Design Guide: How to Get the Look

California style interior design by Decorilla designer Sharene M

Beachy, striking and luxurious – California style interior design is adored by more than just those who reside by the ocean. With their earthy tones and natural textures, these spaces are almost always light, airy, and welcoming. So, even if you’re nowhere near the beach, you can take inspiration from this Cali Cool aesthetic. Read… Read more »

Glamorous Room Ideas for Stunning Glam Interior Design

Glamorous living room ideas - Boca do lobo

Showy, luxe, and sensuous – glam interior design is perfectly indulgent. Shimmery metallics, plush furniture, and luxury textiles take these interiors to the next level of opulence. Better yet, this stunning style can fit any room of the house. So, let’s take a look at what glamorous room ideas you need to recreate a luxurious… Read more »