How It Works

Policy for Restoration Hardware

In general, PLEASE STAY AWAY from using RH unless a client requests a specific product from there. Most of our customers have a negative experience when we use them and their store designers have been critical of our designs in order to sell more of their products. This leads to frustrated clients so please refrain from using RH unless absolutely necessary.
For this reason, we are implementing a policy so that you do not source from Restoration Hardware unless your client asks for a specific piece from there. Since they are no longer on our vendors list (and not available on the drop down menu of the shopping list), some great vendors that have beautiful alternatives are: DWRModloft (modern) Modway(modern), Uttermost (rustic), Pottery BarnBoConceptBungalow5, and Mr. Brown London.
Modloft, Modway, UttermostBungalow5 and Mr. Brown London are Decorilla Collection vendors so we encourage using any of their pieces.
You can always recommend anything off our Decorilla Collection vendor sites. Please just contact for pricing if it’s not already there.
Upload the item here, We’ll approve it and add pricing ASAP and then you’ll be notified when the pricing is there. Once it’s in the Decorilla Collection you’ll be able to easily re-use it in your shopping list.
Thank you for your consistent help in providing the best design service for Decorilla clients and your feedback!


 Many of you are using our robust and beautiful Decorilla Collection, adding more items to your designs. That said, we realize there are still questions about how to use the Decorilla Collection effectively on your client shopping lists.
Below are a couple of tips that we hope are useful.
Attached are images of the platform to help guide you through.
1. To use items already in the collection, click on the green button in your shopping list.
2. Once you find your item (you can use the search, categories, or vendors filter to help) adjust the quantity and click blue button to add to your shopping list.
3. The Vendors list pulls up the specific vendors associated with our DC; at the moment there are 27.
4. Wanting to add an item to the collection? Click on hyperlink “Instructions & More Details”.
5. Add items not in collection (but from the list of DC vendors) by clicking

6. Please upload item details for admin to approve and include in the collection.

Great news! We’ve added a new feature to the shopping list that shows you the percentage of the amount on the shopping list that is from the Decorilla Collection. This will make it much easier to keep track of meeting the15% of client budget on the shopping list.
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for us.
Thank you!

Ordering Process

There is no obligation to buy, but for the items that you do want, we’ll make it easy!

  • Furniture & decor discounts
    Save up 5% to 45% with trade discounts at your favorite stores. We have a best price guarantee and look for the best shipping options for you.
  • 100s of vendors & one easy checkout
    With hundreds of your favorite vendors to order from, you’ll love the convenience of our ordering concierge service.
  • Helpful updates
    We’ll make sure you know where each of your products is and when it will arrive by sending tracking numbers and updates.
  • Easy Returns
    If the item arrives and is not quite right we’ll handle exchanges and returns for you according to that vendors return policy.

Do I have to buy all the recommended items?

You’ll have the flexibility to buy the items on your own timeline as your budget permits. There is no obligation to buy and you can purchase all at once or over time. Our designers will work closely with you to create your perfect space that is within your budget and matches your personal style.

How does the price match guarantee work?

We always try to get you the best prices by providing  furniture discounts. If you find a lower price, please send the URL or screenshot to and we’ll happily match the price for you prior to your invoice being paid.

How does it all work with orders?

Decorilla saves you money on furniture and makes it convenient to purchase the items you want from your shopping list.

  1. Press “add to cart” beside any of the items you want, continue to checkout and fill in the form with your shipping details.
  2. We’ll send you an invoice that includes the shipping fees and taxes. Many of our vendors offer free shipping which would be passed on to you!
  3. After your payment is completed, we’ll send you tracking information and updates on your order!
  4. We’re happy to coordinate returns and provide return labels in compliance with each vendor’s return policy.

Can I keep my existing furnishings or incorporate furniture I saw somewhere else?

Absolutely! As part of your decor questionnaire you will be asked upfront which items you’d like to keep or incorporate. You can also tell your designer about items you like while working with them. We just request that you provide us with the item URL or two photos of each item that you want to incorporate and the dimensions of that item.

What if an item I want goes out of stock?

If an item is no longer available, we’ll work with your designer to find an alternative item. Feel free to contact us at to let us know. Certain vendors or items often come back in stock and in those cases we’ll recommend waiting a few weeks if you really like the item!

How do I return an item?

We are more than happy to coordinate returns for you. We follow each vendor’s return policy including return time window. Any custom-made and final sale items cannot be returned. The typical return window for most of our vendors is 30 days. Just email your return request to and let us know if you have the original packaging and if applicable, attach photos of any damage.

How do I schedule in-home deliveries?

If some of your items require in-home deliveries, the vendor’s delivery team will contact you directly via phone about one week before to schedule a specific date and time window.

Can I combine your discounts with sales and promo codes?

In many cases our vendors do give us discounts on top of their sale prices and promos, but each vendor and sale can be different. Please mention your gift certificate or promo code in the notes at checkout and we’ll let you know if we are able apply it before you completing your purchase.

How do I track my ordered items?

We will send you updates for each item when it ships. Whenever possible, we will provide you with the tracking links so you can track your items. Some vendors do not provide us with these tracking links, but in those cases we will keep the estimated ship date updated in your order details.

Can I keep my existing furnishings?

Absolutely! As part of your décor brief you will be asked upfront what items you’d like to keep. We certainly can integrate your existing items into the new design. We just request that you provide us with two photos of each item that you want to keep and the dimensions of that item There is no sales pressure to buy new furnishings. Our designers’ earnings are not commission based so you can be sure that they will be looking for the best deals for you. You tell us what you want to keep and what you don’t like and then you can buy the recommended items as you like.

Can I get designers to revise the designs they create for me?

Yes! Designers thrive on guidance and love nothing more than creating a space that you absolutely LOVE.  After you receive your full eDecor package you’ll also have two weeks to provide comments and ask questions on your project web page.

How will the designers know what I want?

Your decor brief and feedback will tell them. By completing our fun and interactive decor brief, you will provide designers with insightful information such as your personal design preferences, goals, room photos & measurements, budget plans, and personal likes/dislikes. After carefully reviewing your information, our professional designers will get to work, submitting tailor-made decorating ideas for you to preview. You can request changes so that you get a design you absolutely love.

What is online decorating (aka e-decor)?

E-Decor is a new way to get a designer home or office that’s in line with your unique style, budget, and timeline without the long term commitments, hourly fees, or location limitations associated with a traditional interior designer.

Online decorating provides you with a personalized and easy to follow decorating plan that covers every decorating aspect from color and lighting, furniture selection and arrangement, to decorative accessories, artwork, rugs, and more. In addition to giving you design choices and decorating advice in the comfort of your own home, online home designing allows you to work at your own pace by shopping and decorating as your budget and time permits.